Real Estate Leasing on Your Behalf

Do you have a residential or commercial property you are looking to lease out? Then you are going to want to work with the real estate leasing specialists at our property management firm . The team at IPI Corp. is here to help you find tenants for your property so that you can begin earning a return on your investment.

A property lease is the main way you earn money from your real estate investments. Attracting good tenants for long periods of time at a fair rental rate allows you to enjoy a steady stream of income to help bolster your finances. It isn’t always easy finding those tenants, and swimming through all of the paperwork necessary to get them to rent your property is a time consuming chore. That is where we step in to help.


Real Estate Leasing Made Easy for You

When you have a vacancy in your property, it is important to have it filled as soon as possible to ensure your investment is earning you money. The leasing market, however, can be extremely competitive. That means you need to have a knowledgeable, skilled professional by your side to ensure you get fair terms while getting someone to sign your property lease.

Thanks to our knowledge of the typical types of concessions tenants are looking for, as well as our discussion with you about the types of concessions you are willing to make, our leasing agents are able to draw potential tenants to your property. Once we have them, we can then begin to show them why leasing with you and your property is the smartest decisions for them, enticing them with such concessions as extra parking spaces, security systems, or build-out options. With vacancy rates so high, it is important for you to utilize the skills we bring to the table to keep your space occupied.


Working Hard for You & Your Tenants

Once we have rented out your property, our leasing agents don’t stop helping you, or your tenant. We provide an impressive selection of property management services to ensure that everyone involved with your space is happy with the situation. This includes keeping track of any maintenance issues, ensuring all rent is paid, and answering any questions either you or your tenants have for one another or the property in general.