Property Management & Consulting for Your Investments

Adding significant value to your real estate investment is easy when you work with a professional property management firm like IPI Corp. With our property management services, including property consulting, value analysis, development management, marketing and asset performance modeling, you are able to not only make smart decisions about your investment, but also generate more income from it.

The types of benefits that come from working with our property investment specialists are all designed to not only make your life easier, but to also help you get the most money possible from your investment. This includes helping strategically improve the condition and aesthetic of your property while also attracting higher-quality tenants to your space. This combination helps to earn more money from rent while ensuring you have trustworthy tenants in your property at all times.


Property Consulting & Value Analysis

Different properties come with their own unique benefits and selling points. By speaking with our property consulting specialists, you are able to learn more about the major selling points of your investment so that they can be emphasized while any less attractive features can be fixed or minimized. This helps not only gain a better understanding of the current value of your rental space, but also provides the information you need to make adjustments to increase its value in the future.

Once we gain a better understanding of your property, our team is able to begin providing our impressive property management services to you. This helps you keep your investment in tip-top shape while helping you keep it rented with fewer hassles. Some of the different services we provide to our clients include:

Real Estate Investing & Development Services

Real Estate Leasing Services

Property Maintenance & Tenant Services


Property Marketing & Development Management

How are you attracting people to your investment property? That is something that you need to think about if you are looking to make a good return on your investment. It is also something that our specialists are trained to handle. We understand how to assist you in developing an appealing property, that will bring tenants to you, at the price you want them to pay.

With our property marketing assistance, you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t going to have any trouble finding qualified tenants for your rental space. Keeping your property occupied is the key to helping you earn money, and we excel at this task.